TwittEarth Screensaver

TwittEarth Screensaver

Follow live twitts all over the world


  • Very nice graphics
  • Shows twitts from anywhere in the world


  • Special characters are not properly displayed


If you're a real Twitter junkie you're going to love this screensaver: with TwittEarth you'll be able to follow twits from all over the world in real time.

The screensaver is actually based on a web mash-up created by a group of developers (who are also Twitter fans, of course) just for fun.

The screensaver loads up the Twitter timeline and displays it on a colorful animated globe, with cute characters representing each Twitter user.

In spite of being a 3D screensaver, TwittEarth doesn't use up a lot of resources and works fine almost on any computer. The only flaw I found was that twitts written in special characters (i.

e. Japanese, Chinese) don't show up properly.

With TwittEarth you can follow live twits from all over the world in a nice 3D planet Earth that moves on your desktop while you're away.

TwittEarth is a Twitter mashup that enables you to follow live twitts from Twitter users worldwide in an attractive 3D interface that resembles planet Earth.

TwittEarth Screensaver


TwittEarth Screensaver

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